Woody's Feather River Hot Springs (REOPENED)

California North California North

Adjoining larger (5 person)and smaller (2 person, slightly cooler) pools.

Hours: daytime, only open to guests at R&R RV Park or cabins

Clothing optional? Yes

Fee: $5 per person/2hr soak, honor system drop-box.

Shelter: nearby 2 RV parks

phone: 925-783-2913

Email: none

Website:  www.randrrvparkhotsprings.com

Directions: On CA 70 about 5 miles west of the CA 89 junction. Look for two big logs in front of an old cabin with a chimney. This is west of a small RV park that is west of a bigger RV park called Crystal Springs.

Update Jan 2013: hot springs are open to those staying in R&R RV Park or in one of the 3 cabins. Call the Owner Rocki at 925-783-2913 to make reservations or visit http://www.randrrvparkhotsprings.com/

For day-use (2-hr soak), the entry is $5/person, which is paid at the drop-box. By keeping the springs clean and supporting the owner's efforts to maintain a nice facility, then these wonderful soda and sulfer springs can remain open. 


Terry said...

04/11/2002- hi , woody's hot spring is in northern california. it is open year around free to any one clothing optional. it is made up block type with river sand at the bottom.the feather river runs right next to it when the winter get bad it at times has filled up with sand but most of the great sun beach with eagle and deer in the area. on of my best times . bring your own drinking water. there a bar called woody near by where park and walk down a will maintain trail it right next the highway going up to quincy in plumas county. water is sulfer type a bit stinkey. hope this helps a bit if you want more just write. enjoy good hot dip under the stars...

florence, USA

02/22/2001- This is a nice hot spring if there are not too many people in it. Great view as it is in the canyon right next to the river. We understand it is now privately owned - check either at the trailer park nearby or at the bar/cafe if it is open. Follow the trail to the south of the parking lot (about 50 yards) to concrete tub. Room for 5-6 people - more than that, its crowded. Best to go during the week - but never alone. Take a buddy.


05/11/2001- Woody's should remain a secret for locals.

Margie, USA

Anonymous said...

8/1/05 I visited this Hot Spring in june 05 the owner charges $1.00 to be deposited in a collection pipe, this to offset his liability insurance. I spoke with him about the future Of the spring,he has a couple in one cabin onsite, as he dosen't live in the area. the cabins,bar and cafe were all closed at this time. He said he's tired of dealing with the garbage, cigarette butts, etc the bathers leave behind. and as the place has a 10:00pm curfew he's fedup with having to go down in the dark and kick out the drunks that refuse to leave,(some who become combative).He told me if this contiues, He will close it to the public and break up the concrete tub.J

tina said...

is the hot springs still open to the public? been many years since i was up there.

Anonymous said...

Woody's is open 7am to 10pm, restricted hours due to vandalism. $2 per person, honor system. On CA 70 about 5 miles west of the CA 89 junction. Look for two big logs in front of an old cabin with a chimney. This is west of a small RV park that is west of a bigger RV park called Crystal Springs.

Adjoining larger (5 person)and smaller (2 person, slightly cooler) pools.

A gem if you ask me, beautiful overlook of Feather River, convenient access, interesting multicolored rock face behind the springs.

Clothing optional. When I was there an older man who was a regular complained about the "nudies", even though I was there first and was already nude.

Please be kind to the spring, or the owner will close it to the public. Hopefully a few careless rude people will not spoil this experience for the rest of us.

Christine said...

This is a great Hot Springs, I was just there yesterday, 8/30/07. It has been some time since I was there. I thought it had been closed because of the trashers. I stop just to reminisce when I saw it was open. I hope people keep it clean and have some respect. I am tired of all great places to go being closed because of disrespectful people. Thank you for keeping it open and sharing your Hot Spring with us Woody!

Chrissy, USA

Anonymous said...

Went there a couple days ago, still open and still beautiful. Fee is $2, pay as you go in.
Please respect others and don't leave any trash behind.

Anonymous said...

Haven't been there in years, but back in the '80's I lived in a tent up the river a little ways. It was nice to swing on down and settle in for a nice quiet soak early in the morning or late at night when the tourists were gone.

Back then people kept it clean and people were cool about it, but the times have changed.

Maybe I'll stop by again some day.

K. Moore said...

We were in the hot spring the 2 days ago at it was very nice.

The fee is still $2.00 very nice compared to the cost of Vichy.

The water was very warm in the larger pool.

It was a good soak and we had it to ourselves for the first 4 hours.

I'm curious to know the water content... does anyone know what's in the water ?

Many Blessings to this great water.

Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Woody's is my #1 favorite hot spring, I've been visiting it frequently, for about 25 years ... we knew 'Woody', and her son, Dick, well ... R.I.P. ...
I always try to leave $5 in the pipe, to help make up for the losers, that don't contribute ... please do the same, if you are able ... the present owner has been very accomodating to visitors, at a significant liability risk, for himself ... please help keep the area clean, and obey the rules - minimum $2 a head, NO GLASS, NO DOGS, out at 10pm ... ENJOY !

trampin4wages said...

I feel a natural hot spring with a structure built over it is a crime. this is one of my favorite places on earth. Have been going since 1995. I wonder about the history of the tub. I was here around 1/1/2010 glad to see its still available.Day or night, winter or summer. Train tracks across the river slipping through the night

Anonymous said...

The Hot Springs is part of R&R RV Park. It is on private property and the owners have been very accomodating. Visitors continue to invite their dogs into the hot springs and bring glass containers down there. The rules posted include NO GLASS NO DOGS. They also request swimsuits during daylight hours, no smoking and no alcohol.Diaper age babies are not allowed in the tubs and children are not allowed after dark.The fee which is used for maintenance, garbage pick-up and parking lot lights is $2.50 a person. Can you go ANYWHERE else in California and pay this little for such a beautiful spot? Less than half the people using the hot springs pay. It is on the honor system so that gives a little insight on the integrity of the general public.The people that honor the hot springs need to spread the word to disrepectful people, that the hot springs will close. Right now the springs are open from 7-10pm. If people are not out by then, the sheriff's dept. is called. It would be a shame to see the hot springs close.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather used to have property less than a mile from Woody's. Back then me and my family would swim down the river, play at the hotsprings and just hang out. Times sure have changed. No one but locals and bikers new about the place. Certainly there wasn't any vandalism at the time either.

Anonymous said...

Sunday 12/5/10 The hot springs formerly known as Woody's is now closed.The current owners have kept it open to the public for the past ten years, always hoping that things would improve and that the word would spread that this is a very special place in the Sierras on the beautiful Feather River.And that they would be respectful of the fact that it IS private property and the owners have shared, it is not a right.After continuous disgreements about bringing dogs and glass bottles down to the hot springs, public drunkiness,drugs,garbage,using the area around the hot springs as an outhouse,and general disregard for the property and other visitors, the owners have decided enough is enough. They are sad that a few have ruined it for many.

editor said...

What a shame!!!!

Hot Springs Directory

Grace said...

I have been going to Woodys since the 70s. I drove up on New Years Day (1/1/11) to find it closed.
Very dissappointed, I walked around the RV park and found no one to ask about how it can be acessed again.
If anyone has info, please write to me at

If a larger fee is needed, I for one, would not mind. Also, I'd love to see the bar/cafe open for business.

Grace said...

Please contact me with info on how to access the springs.
I have been going to these springs since the 70s and miss being able to have a good soak.
Drove up 1/1/11 to find it closed with no info about who to contact.
thanx, Grace

ediblearth said...

wow!had no idea!
update! january 29 2011
we soaked...you're right about the closed signs- but if you can find the trio james jamie and doug you can trade- have great company for a soak and enjoy the spring-say hi for us from ediblearth in oregon!
As the owner is in mexico-when she returns she is remodeling the cabins for future rentals-wouldn't that be nice!
we drove 5 hours from oregon to meet friends from nevada county!to arrive to closed signs! alas there are prospectors there to watch the place and they are broke so share whatever you bring! or if they are hunting Gold...
park in the pullout on the hwy not MARKED NO PARKING AND GO SOAK ! but be aware that we will all lose the pools if it is trashed! hence the closed signs!
PLEASE FOLKS!! update if this scene changes as it is a long drive to be turned away un- healed!

ediblearth and love to soak were healed for now til we meet for another afternoon adventure

Lindsey said...

5/31/2011- sad sad sad, yes... the hot spring is closed. Been going for the last decade and took the advice of ediblearth and made the journey from reno anyway. Paid the fee, hopped the fence n started to fill the tub but 20 min later a gentleman came down to pack us up. Ugh. Totally understand why they closed it but don't understand all the knuckleheads out there that have taken this perfect, beautiful spot for granted. Heard a drunk someone pulled a gun on the owner when trying to close it for the night some time ago. Thanks to those that can't keep their sloppiness under wraps, the rest of us that care can no longer enjoy it. If only your mothers were there. I hope this isn't forever. Thankfully Sierraville isn't too far. It saved us from spring free weekend. I love you woody's.. and will never forget our good times together. peace

Cindy J (Magalia) said...

Actually, the hot springs are open to those staying in R&R RV Park or in one of the 3 cabins. Call the Owner Rocki at 925-783-2913 to make reservations or visit http://www.randrrvparkhotsprings.com/
For day-use (2-hr soak), the entry is $5/person, which is paid at the drop-box. By keeping the springs clean and supporting the owner's efforts to maintain a nice facility, then these wonderful soda and sulfer springs can remain open.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank all of you who visited the hot springs while I was away and were kind enough to make your donations to the money box.Like Cindy said the hot springs are open by permission only, I ask that you call ahead because sometimes the entire grounds are rented to private parties. I returned to find everything in good shape and fairly clean. I even had a few nice surprises. Thank you to whoever left the dove Christmas ornaments. There were bags of apples and oranges on my front porch and nice cards and well wishes from visitors.At this time of year, the hot springs are a much needed source of income for me until things start up again in Spring at the nursery and RV Park.Thanks so much for your honesty and for respecting the springs. It really is a very special place.Please go to my new website for more info www.featherriverhotsprings.com Thank you, Rocki

Terry said...

Hi Cindi & Rocki,

Thanks for your updates! Please let me know if you would like to change or add anything to the description. GPS coordinates would be helpful, or perhaps better directions.

Editor of HSD

stef said...

Thanx so much toCindy&Rockie

stef said...
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Anonymous said...

Went there many time in the mid 80's grab some beers take a dip...great place