Dechambeau Ranch Hot Spring

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Anonymous said...

6/24/2003- dirty socks is not a maintained springs, and is in fact often full of trash and the look of the water takes away any idea of entering it. but It does have an enimatic appeal. It is cement lined with the remains of metal handrails by the steps. Who developed it? when? did it succeed commercially? I haven't found the answers yet.

what a generous work you are doing, maintaining this website for us hotsprings obsessives. what I like about the site is the coordinates for the GPS and the shear QUANTITY of springs on it. I, too, hope everyone who explores a spring does there share for the website.

Thanks for the good work!

Cheryl, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

Anonymous said...

11/10/2003- Not recommended! Tepid, stinky water wells into a large waist-deep circular pool, full of scum. I got into it on the principle of the thing, and had a moment of panic as I started sliding on the slimy bottom towards the wellpipe in the center. Too cold for soaking, to yuck for swimming.

Mike, USA